January 6, 2021

3 Things To Expect On Social Media In 2021

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Every year, as technology and culture change, social media adapts. Here’s three things that will take the forefront on social media in 2021!

1. Stories take over….

In the past couple years, one platform after another has adapted a “stories” feature. While Instagram continues to reign supreme, LinkedIn, Spotify, and Twitter all added stories features in 2020. Stories allow consumers to see bite sized pieces of content in a way that feels authentic. A lot of marketing automation platforms don’t have stories scheduling built in yet, so it’s a good idea to take some time and plan out your strategy and figure out what way of adding stories to your content will work best for you.

Have Joined Any Of Our Lives?

2. Lives…

Lives have been popular on just about every platform for years. With the constant increase in content available, have that instant connection with audiences will be even more valuable in 2021.

3. Purpose driven brands and responsible consumerism….

2020 was defiantly a year for activism and accountability. More and more consumers expect the brands they interact with to uphold their same values. Social Media is the place where you can easily share what your company believes and what you are doing to stand up for your values.