6 Vehicle Mailing List Secrets

Add Sales Dollars To Your Pocket And Squash Your Competition.

Do you get the results you want from your automobile mailing lists and marketing efforts?

I urge you to do more than simply nod and say “yes.”

Think about it.

Why is it, some companies with a small budget gain real sales from their efforts? Why do others, even with big budgets, get data that doesn’t yield any results?

Here’s the answer: Not all vehicle owner lists are the same.

They’re not a commodity. Electricity is a commodity. Vehicle data and mailing lists are not, nor are the companies who provide them.

Here are 6 ways you can get (a whole lot) more results from your marketing:

1. Get complete data. If you’re investing in direct mail advertising, telemarketing or email broadcasting, you need data from a source that stands ready to give you information on at least 130 million people.

2. Get updated data. Every week, people change titles. Every month, a good data source will make millions of updates to their auto owner records, including NCOA (National Change of Address).

3. Get enough information about the consumers you wish to target.

Some data sources can allow you to target your audience with over 95% accuracy. You should be able to make selections based on vehicle manufacturer, types, model, year made, odometer mileage reading, purchase date, validation date, as well as the owner’s age, income, dwelling size, homeowner vs renter, length of residency.

4. Get someone who can target the exact audience for what you offer.

What do you offer? Do you provide…

  • New Vehicle Sales
  • Automotive Repair/Service Work
  • Warranties
  • Vehicle Upgrades
  • Class Action Offers for Owners With Defective Autos
  • Aftermarket Products & Accessories
  • Insurance

Want to open up new opportunities? Appending prospect data with Black Book or Kelly Blue Book values can enhance your direct mail offers to the right prospects.

Good sources also have millions of email addresses. Not just any email addresses, but addresses that are current and have given permission for you to contact them. That way, as you narrow down who you wish to target, you can launch an effective campaign that will reach enough people.

5. Find a data source that complies with the law.

Following the law isn’t just to help you sleep at night – it puts dollars in your pocket too.

Think about this: A company unwilling to follow the law when acquiring their data will likely be dishonest when selling, as well. Data is often passed off as current, recent and legal when it’s actually outdated, ineffective and illegitimate.

Unfortunately, too many data service providers do not comply with the law in these matters.

With auto data, there’s the Shelby Law and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). If you are sending email or telemarketing, you must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) and the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Any data that comes from credit reporting must fully follow the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

If you’re requesting sensitive data, such as information involving credit scores or VIN numbers, an honest data provider will require you to send them your mail piece or telemarketing script for approval. Perhaps this seems like a hassle, but it’s a sign of a great data provider.

6. Choose a data service Provider who’s easy to work with.

You need to focus on what you do best – selling. It may seem like there’s a lot of hassle, or a number of hoops to jump through, to get what you want. A great data service provider can make the whole process seamless.

Armed with these 6 crucial steps, you will be steps ahead of your competition.

How do you go about choosing your data service provider?


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