About Us​

There’s much to say About First Direct. In 2005, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses use data — helping them unlock their potential and become bigger, bolder versions of themselves. Today, our passion is still driving us forward as we continue energizing enterprises with cutting-edge insights that can take their success stories to new heights.

For the past 18+ years, we have made a remarkable journey through product innovation and service development. Our hard work has led to incredible growth; including an expanded team of talented individuals! We couldn’t be more thrilled for what lies ahead in our history- this is only just the beginning!

We’ve come a long way since we began, and our mission remains the same as it ever was: putting data at the heart of everything. Now more than ever, with all of our technologies integrated so seamlessly together, our clients have access to analytics that offer greater insight into their business – helping them grow from strength-to-strength!








Our Mission

We Transform Businesses with the Right Information, Insights & Solutions to empower their growth & success.

Our vision

First Direct will Remarkably impact the growth & success of over 100,000 businesses.

Why Choose Us

Our team is here to help you reach the next level. We specialize in empowering companies – regardless of size or stature – with data-driven decisions that can supercharge their growth and performance, make insightful real-time business decisions, and open up new possibilities for expanding capabilities. Take your operations to a whole ‘notha’ lev!

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