May 11, 2020

Are You Bad At Waiting For Deliveries?

Most of us are used to super-fast delivery times for our online purchases, and with the ongoing pandemic that may not be happening. Why? Supply chains are seriously disrupted. Meaning, there is no way for a retailer to guarantee when a package will actually arrive. What can retailers’ control?

Retailers have control only of their own processing. Many retailers have closed their store fronts, which takes away some processing power, they are also having to deal with decreased workforces and necessary social distancing precautions. No matter how hard they try, there will be delays. Even if they could keep up on the increase of orders, they are still at the mercy of delivery services. Even Amazon, who owns many of their own delivery trucks, doesn’t have enough to keep up the massive increases.

What can retailers do then? Honesty is the best policy. Many retailers are being up front with customers, explaining the situation, giving them wider ranges of delivery time, and often free shipping. We may be stuck at home looking out the window waiting for our orders to arrive, but we understand why it might be delayed. The company’s acknowledgement of the delay goes a long way to build customer loyalty.

Have you had any amazing customer service experiences during quarantine?