Are You Scared of Live Streaming?

Did you know? 92% of marketers who use any type of video say that using live video is an important part of their marketing strategies. With so many marketing professionals valuing live video, it really makes you wonder: Why all the hype?

Did you know? 92% of marketers who use any type of video say that using live video is an important part of their marketing strategies. With so many marketing professionals valuing live video, it really makes you wonder: Why all the live streaming hype?  

Just about every social media platform has a live stream option and there’s a few, like twitch, that are exclusively for live streaming. Live streaming is so prevalent that the live video streaming market is projected to hit 184.3 billion by 2027!

What are the advantages of live streaming?

Unlike prerecorded videos, live streams make viewers feel like they are a part of the conversation. The more authentic interactions create more engagement. For example, on average, live content generates 10x more the comments that prerecorded videos. And people tend to watch live content 10-20x longer.  

Is there anything you can do with live videos after they’re over? The short answer: YES! Not repurposing live content is common mistake. And, Live video content has a lot of potential to generate more content! For example, once the stream is over the audio can be published as a podcast on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Video clips of highlights can repurposed into social content or ads. As well as pull quotes. The transcript can be turned into a blog article. (Like this article! It’s is based on one of our BeGrowthDriven lives where we pull back the curtain on our tips, tricks, and tools. You can watch it here.

What do you need to get started?  

For most day-to-day live videos all you need is your phone! Being able to go live at a moment’s notice when anything “noteworthy” is happening is super valuable. However, if you’re doing a live series, webinar, or interview, it’s a good idea to have a more professional setup. Think of your set up almost like a broadcast studio, because in a lot of ways, it is! Tools like a tripod, lights, and a good mic are a great idea. (We put together a list of our top 5 essentials. Download it here.)   

How can you decide what platform?  

We use a service called Streamyard that allows us to stream to just about every platform all at once. It can be used on desktop or mobile. It’s amazing. However, if you’re just starting out and want a free option Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch are the go-to options. What platform is best for you?  

Facebook live streaming
Facebooks Live Stream Section

There are a couple factors. One, where is your audience? If you already have a large following on a specific platform, that’s the place to start! It’s also valuable to think about where your potential audience may be. Two, how searchable do you want your video to be? Most platforms allow you to save live videos to watched later on the platform or be embedded elsewhere. Which is great! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch only let the videos be searched for within the platforms. However, since Google owns YouTube, videos on saved on YouTube are indexed through Google. Meaning, your YouTube videos could directly contribute the SEO value of your website.  

live streaming

A work around to get the best of all the platforms is to go live on the platform you have the most followers or get the best engagement, the pull the recorded video onto the other platforms.  

Does live scare you? Or Have any tips and tricks to share? Let us know!  


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