Audience Insight Reports

Uncover Hidden Insights from Your Data to Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Audience Insight Reports gives you all the data you need about your customers to build effective campaigns!

Why Does Data Help People Make Better Business Decisions?

Any business, any size, in any industry generates data. If your business has a website, social media presence or accepts electronic payments of any kind – you collect data about your customers. Even if you still carbon copy credit card payments, you collect data. You have insight on your customers; geography, demographics, psychographics and more.

All of that data is filled with potential – you just need to get after it the right way.

What Decisions Can You Make By Harnessing Data?

  • Find New Customers
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Better Managed Marketing
  • Track Social Media Interaction
  • Predict Sales Trends

What Can You Do With Your Audience Insight Report Data?

In a nutshell, the more you know about your customers, the easier it is to go find more new customers – just like them. You take the information collected in your Audience Insight Report and convert that data into sales.

What Data Do You Get In An Audience Insight Report?

Audience Insight Reports

Audience Insight Reports look at your current audience information and split that information into 8 different general categories.

  • Location
  • Home
  • Individual
  • Household
  • Wealth
  • Auto
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Interests

Those general categories are then broke down further to give you a comprehensive picture of who your customers really are.

What do Audience Insight Reports look like?

Audience Insight Reports are split into 2 parts: A breakdown of the demographic categories mentioned above and an overview of who your ideal target customer is.

Audience Insight Report - Target
Audience Insight Reports tell you exactly who your target customer should be as well as customers you may be wasting money on.

Want to see your Audience Insight Report would look like?