May 14, 2020

Can You Use Your Employees in Marketing?

For many brands, showing off their products with expensive photoshoots, isn’t possible right now because their employees are working from home in areas that are in lock down. What are they doing instead? Many campaigns are using their employees in their marketing.

For example, Lucky Brand has shifted to an informal campaign featuring employees. Deanna Bedoy, their senior director of brand marketing and creative services, says that the relatable nature of the campaign was something the customers were asking for.

She says, “Early on, we started sharing work-from-home tips that we gathered from our employees, and that naturally turned into a work-from-home campaign. We did a survey on Instagram asking people what they wanted to see from us, and the No. 1 things requested was for us to be real and raw. Then we created Lucky Together, which is an online hub of tutorials on how to make masks, tips on working from home and pictures of our staff. It’s now one of the top-ten most-visited pages on our site.”

Lucky Brand has seen engagement rates of more than 5% and comments have increased by 2to 3 times. Clearly, seeing brand employees going through the same things they are going through, is very valuable to customers.

Can you use your employees in your marketing?