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How To Stay Productive This Holiday Season

Let’s be honest, no matter what or how you celebrate the holidays, the last 6 weeks of the year are full of distractions. Between travel, changing work schedules, additional tasks, and having family and friends around, it can be difficult to stay focused on work. What can you do to stay productive when dealing with this particular set of distractions?  

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Is There Value In Companies Promoting Flow State this year?

With many companies adjusting to being back in the office or a hybrid work model, employees are having to change their Flow State. What is a Flow State? (Sometimes just called Flow.) Flow is simply that state of mind in which we feel and perform our best and feel at ease. What is the value of companies promoting Flow State? How has the changing work model impacted Flow? And how can you access your Flow State and increase productivity?

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What Can Your Team Do Stay Productive?

When working as part of a team, how we work alone as well as how we work together contributes to productivity and efficiency. When employees are stressed or exhausted, engagement and productivity dip and the whole company can feel the effects.
So, what can you as an individual and you as a team do to stay productive?

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How Purpose Drives Business Decisions

This week’s episode of our podcast, BeGrowthDriven was very inspiring, and we wanted to pass some of that motivation along! This week’s guest was Maryam Essa Al Ali and the topic was all about finding your purpose, and using that purpose to guide your life! Maryam’s purpose is to help others find their purpose and live as their authentic selves. Her purpose guides not only her life as a whole but also smaller decisions that impact business and family, etc.

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The Best Creative Block Crusher

Whether or not you think of yourself as creative person, all jobs required creative thinking. And especially as marketers we produce a lot of content, for ourselves and our clients. However, it can be difficult to continue to produce high-quality content when we don’t feel creative or inspired.

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What did we learn from corporate’s WFH year?

Remember like, a year ago when lots of big businesses were saying they weren’t going to require their employees to go back to the office? And then, inevitability they did. A lot of big companies and whole industries (like, banking and wall street,) have gone back to the office. What did we learn from corporate’s ‘year-at-home’? Are industries and office culture really going to adapt to modern life? Or is the 9-5, 5-day-workweek here to stay?

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Why _____ Isn’t “Dead”

It seems like sooooo many articles/emails/ebooks/Facebook videos are titled something along the lines of: “blank” is dead. Or “Why the new ios update is going to kill email marketing.” Or “3 stats that prove print and mail is dead.” But it is? For the most part those titles are just clickbait, and the content just proves how it is very much not dead.

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