7 of the Best Marketing Metrics You Should Focus On

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Most marketing metrics aren’t essential to your growth. Reaching the best goals demands measuring something specific. Which metrics do you need?

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7 Of The Most Successful Strategies For Brand Awareness

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How many people cut their finger and ask for a Band-Aid, not a plastic bandage? Strategies for brand awareness can be this successful.

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Product Positioning and Messaging: How To Build Awesome Results

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Do you want awesome product positioning and messaging? Stand out above your competitors. Learn from Nike’s legendary “Just Do It” campaign, plus insights and tactics from Apple, Salesforce, Content Marketing Institute and others. What is the difference between positioning and messaging? How do you craft both to get outstanding results? Positioning vs Messaging Pinpoint what […]

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Direct Mail Vs Email: See What The Statistics Prove

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Why is there the battle of direct mail vs email? Marketers often argue which is better among these two top tactics. Which have you put your money on? Some choose only one because of budget limits, or a lack of time or resources. Yet there’s a bigger reason: most people have written off one of […]

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4 Marketing Strategy Key Elements You Need To Be Great

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An era is ending. Marketing products and services is no longer enough. Now consumers want more. Business survival means adding 4 new marketing strategy key elements. What are they? Marketing strategy key elements: what has changed? To understand, let’s take a glance at the common ingredients of traditional marketing: Segmentation – dividing people into groups so […]

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Create A Better Email Marketing Pitch: 6 Of The Best Ways

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Do your clients doubt email marketing can help them? How do you make a compelling email marketing pitch that overcomes their fears, creating a win for you and them? It’s a known fact people read fewer emails now. No wonder your clients are afraid their marketing might get buried in people’s inboxes. Does email marketing […]

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Social Media Advertising: How To Get Better Results

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Wasting ad money is too easy without custom audiences. Social media advertising without custom audiences means your targeting is likely too broad or at least not good enough. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Pinterest all allow you to build custom audiences. What are custom audiences? Use your list of customers, website visitors, […]

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eCommerce Shoppers Are Now Using Mobile – What’s The Best Way To Reach Them?

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Pandemic caution has changed the way people buy everything. As a result, more eCommerce shoppers have discovered the convenience of buying with their phones and tablets. US online retail sales will climb to a new record in 2022: $1 trillion. Yet fewer and fewer are using their desktops or laptops to make purchases. When it […]

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Pay for Reviews Online? What You Need To Know Now Before You Do.

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with reviews? Everyone wants the influence, trust and sales that come from positive endorsements. Yet many hate how long it takes to get a winning number of reviews. We’ve all heard of others paying to get more. Here’s what you need to know before you pay for reviews. Can […]

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Surprising: 21 Old School Marketing Techniques That Still Work Great

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Marketing isn’t always easy. How do you stand out above the noisy crowd of digital ads? Few people are using these 21 tried-and-true old school marketing techniques. “If you really want success… you can get a head start by looking at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite.” – Earl Nightingale Older methods […]

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