How To Better Connect With Customers Using Google Business Messages

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Getting sales requires answering questions. However, Google and Conversocial reveal that 75% of consumers now prefer private messaging rather than asking a salesperson. Google Business Messages (GBM) is Google’s new chat tool for businesses. Can you use it to get better results with your customers? How? What is Google Business Messages? It’s Google’s version of […]

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How To Use KPI Dashboards: Make Your Marketing Spectacular!

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Dozens of details can choke the efforts of an unfocused marketer or executive. How can you keep distractions and demands on your time from derailing you? KPI dashboards can hold your existing projects on target. They can give you space for new initiatives and track your business performance. How can you use this tool to […]

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9 of the Most Powerful Marketing Frameworks to use in Business Today

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Modern marketers need creativity, data analysis, and even project management skills. Adding people to your efforts can multiply results or cause frustration. Which marketing frameworks can unite your team and make life easier? Here’s a short list of the best marketing frameworks and how to use them. What are marketing frameworks? It’s a template or […]

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4 Marketing Strategy Key Elements You Need To Be Great

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An era is ending. Marketing products and services is no longer enough. Now consumers want more. Business survival means adding 4 new marketing strategy key elements. What are they? Marketing strategy key elements: what has changed? To understand, let’s take a glance at the common ingredients of traditional marketing: Segmentation – dividing people into groups so […]

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What Is “The Great Resignation?” Are You On Board?

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After all the work-related culture changes in the past two years, what is going to make 2022 different?
Lets look at shifts in when we work, views on skills, and job place resilience

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Data Enhancement: New Life To Old Data

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Did you know it’s estimated that in just one year, at least 20% of marketing data becomes inaccurate? (Some studies have put the average annual loss of company income due to bad data at $15 million.) What can you do to make sure that your marketing data is still accurate? And how can you get the most out of your data? Data Enhancement is the key. 

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How To Stay Productive This Holiday Season

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Let’s be honest, no matter what or how you celebrate the holidays, the last 6 weeks of the year are full of distractions. Between travel, changing work schedules, additional tasks, and having family and friends around, it can be difficult to stay focused on work. What can you do to stay productive when dealing with this particular set of distractions?  

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