Comparing 27 Of The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Get ahead of the competition by finding the right digital marketing tools for your business. Check out this comprehensive guide to compare 27 of the best tools.

Your online growth depends on using the best digital marketing tools. Dominating your competition means constantly finding ways to market better, easier, and more efficiently.

With hundreds of tools and new ones appearing all the time, which are the best tools for digital marketing? Of course, this depends on your situation. Your best tool might need to be free, cheap, or enterprise-level. Here are 9 common marketing tasks, and the best software to get them done.

Social media

1. Buffer

Save time scheduling social posts one day a week on a wide range of platforms. Choose from free or low-cost plans. See how your content performed with built-in analytics.

2. HootSuite

Share with all your social platforms simultaneously using HootSuite’s plugin. Get notified when others post similar content so you can improve your own.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout makes it easy to time your posts when your followers are most active. Collaborate with friends and customers using Sprout’s Smart Inbox.

Email Marketing

4. MailChimp

If you’re on a tight budget, MailChimp is for you. Boost conversions and reach more consumers with this user-friendly tool for email, ad campaigns, and landing pages.

5. lemlist

It’s really an email deliverability tool. Lemlist excels in revealing when and how often to send emails, so you get more delivered. Use it to make your emails more personal and warm up cold lists you haven’t contacted in a while.

6. HubSpot

Templates and drag-and-drop features make thank-you emails and campaign promotion easy with HubSpot’s new free email app. Integrate with HubSpot’s free forever CRM to organize your contacts and further monitor email performance.

SEO tools

7 & 8. Google Search Console and Google Analytics

SearchEngineLand says organic search brings more than 50% of all web traffic. Use these two Google apps together. They’re probably the best online marketing tools ever built for search optimization. See how people are searching for and discovering you.

9. Google Trends

Learn which trends are becoming more or less popular in your niche. Google Trends also displays how much interest is in specific regions of the country or the world.

10. SEMRush

Rajnish Rajpal of iBrandStrategy claims SEMRush doubled his Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) over Google’s keyword tool. It also keeps an eye on competitor backlinks as well as your own.

Content creation tools

11. Google Alerts

Define which phrases you want Google to watch. Then get email alerts when new content uses these phrases.

12. Grammarly

Your content needs editing and proofreading. Sometimes Grammarly suggests unnecessary changes. (There are options in the English language). Yet it’s a great help, even for detail-oriented writers.

13. Monster Insights Headline Analyzer

Craft compelling, unique headlines, with the right length and mix of power or emotional words. Get instant feedback and recommendations from this free tool.

Digital Marketing Tools for Productivity

14. Trello

Keep track of all the projects you’re juggling, through all stages from start to finish. Easy visuals help you know the status of each item.

15. Slack

This instant messaging tool unifies multiple team members, even departments. It’s a collaboration hub that allows you to share tools, files, and more.

16. Basecamp

If there’s a proven, reliable online project management tool, it’s Basecamp. Harness it to organize people, delegate work, monitor progress, and share files.

Create Great Graphics

17. Canva

A free design tool that makes sleek, professional graphics. Even people without design experience often learn it quickly. Upload custom graphics or use built-in templates to make social media posts and more.

18. Adobe PhotoShop

PhotoShop is the gold standard of graphic design and its uses are nearly endless. Break free of the usual templates and layouts with your own custom imagery.

19. Venngage

Venngage is the tool for infographics. Customize with hundreds of chart configurations and templates. You can even import options from a spreadsheet.

Landing and Lead Capture Pages

20. Click Funnels

A landing page is just one page. Click Funnels is a premium option for creating a series of pages to easily guide people from interest to conversion. Build squeeze pages, collect applications, sell products and so much more.

21. OptiMonk

Grab attention with less disruptive, proven pop-ups that work better. It’s built to help you target different segments of your audience rather than treating them all the same.

22. TypeForm

Create quizzes and interactive forms that look less like ads. A simple editor allows you to drop form elements on seriously stylish backgrounds.

Digital Marketing Tools That Optimize Conversions

23. UnBounce

Quickly create, adjust, and publish new landing pages. Extensive analytics show which pages and elements work and which ones don’t.

24. Optimizely

It’s the easiest tool for experimenting with landing page design. You can edit without any coding. Choose from an array of graphics, audience targeting, and performance-optimizing tools.

25. HotJar

Simply an amazing way to track user behavior. Using heatmaps, screen recordings, and surveys, you’ll find out how people react to each element of your content. With real-time visual documentation, all it takes is a glance to know where you need improvements.

Lead Enrichment

26. Clearbit

Get a clear picture of ideal sales candidates. Save time by prospecting with certainty. This software uses over 100 sources, including SalesForce, to fill in missing details and replace outdated information.

27. Datanyze

Datanyze works like Clearbit but specializes in LinkedIn. Improve your sales efforts by grabbing reliable data on decision-makers.

The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Top digital marketing tools can streamline your processes and automate a ton of work. Every business and budget is different. Don’t be afraid to try these tools out so you’ll know what’s best for you.

Especially since the list of best digital marketing tools is always changing. First Direct Marketing believes everyone needs help succeeding with their marketing. Our mission this year is to impact 100,000 businesses. How can we help you grow today?


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