Create A Better Email Marketing Pitch: 6 Of The Best Ways

Create A Better Email Marketing Pitch: 6 Of The Best Ways
Don't let your clients be afraid of email marketing. Learn 6 of the best ways to create a compelling email marketing pitch to win you and them more customers.
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Do your clients doubt email marketing can help them? How do you make a compelling email marketing pitch that overcomes their fears, creating a win for you and them?

It’s a known fact people read fewer emails now. No wonder your clients are afraid their marketing might get buried in people’s inboxes. Does email marketing work?

You already know that a successful email marketing pitch is possible. How? As a marketer, you know email can still work very well. Companies like Google and Amazon are using email to impact their bottom line. So can your clients.

How can you convey confidence to prospects and bring in more clients?

1 – Get clear on your email marketing pitch and content plans

You need to show clients how your efforts will get their message to their prospective customers. Without a clear picture of your strategy for this, you won’t convince others.

To keep clients and gain more, they will need you to show them how much return on investment (ROI) you can offer. How do you know what kind of ROI you can offer?

You don’t need dozens of case studies showing how you made people wealthy with email marketing. Statistics are powerful for showing what is possible.

Litmus recently surveyed 2000+ marketing pros worldwide. The study showed that for every $1 a marketer spent on email in 2020, they received an average of $36 in return. You can’t guarantee a 3600% ROI, but it is very possible. Not only is it possible – it was the average.

2 – Emphasize more benefits of email marketing

benefits of email marketing

Highlight how emails overcome hurdles by going directly to your prospects. They don’t need to walk to their physical mailbox or visit a website. It’s also truly 1-on-1 communication.

Emails are far easier to personalize than a printed brochure. People love to read their own name. Inserting personal details in your emails is called “dynamic content.” The Litmus study showed dynamic content raises ROI from 21:1 to 42:1.

A/B testing is also easy with emails. You simply create two different email messages and see which one performs the best. Using A/B testing increases ROI from 23:1 up to 42:1.

3 – To see what email marketing pitch works best, you must track your email marketing results

It’s easy to track how many people open an email or click on an offer inside it. You can’t perfectly predict how people will respond until you try something. Analyzing your response helps you correct weaknesses in your marketing campaigns.

Fact: continually tracking and tweaking your message will improve your marketing results. Sharing your good results will make your pitches more tempting.

4 – Use software to manage your email campaigns

If your client’s email list is small, they might find it tempting to manually take out email addresses that are undeliverable or remove those who have chosen to opt out of your marketing messages. However, their time is better spent on higher-value tasks.

Many kinds of software will manage these mundane responsibilities. This software also allows you to offer clients a variety of email templates to help convey their message.

5 – Focus on the flexibility of email lists

Software makes it easy to break a larger email list into smaller lists. Why do that? Use these smaller lists to more effectively target prospects:

  • Offer special discounts to a list of frequent buyers
  • Reactivate old customers and get them buying again
  • Use confirmation and welcome emails to win prospects over with your customer service
  • Emails are a super-easy way to inform people of flash sales, seasonal discounts, and any other spur-of-the-moment promotions
  • Collect customer reviews/testimonials and email these out as you get them

6 – Show clients actual case studies

The previous tips will help you win clients. Use case studies – examples of your clients’ successes – to win even more business. Showing someone an actual email that brought success to your client is far more compelling than any hypothetical revenue chart.

What does this mean for you and your email marketing pitch?

email marketing content

Some marketers feel they can just create an “elevator pitch” for their email services, then blast this message to all their prospects. This will fail miserably. Why?

Your prospective clients have two types of objections: (1) they doubt your services will help them, and (2) they doubt themselves. Countless people fear failure or success, and this keeps them from even trying. Overcome these fears and objections by showing prospects the six points here.

Use statistics and benefits to clearly convey ROI. Track your results and gather your own statistics. Utilize these numbers to improve your marketing services. Recommend timesaving email software to automate tedious tasks and offer successful email template options. Show how to better target your client’s prospects by applying email lists. Win clients over with case studies.

It’s true, people read fewer emails today. Yet these six tips give you a powerful arsenal to overcome doubts and create a winning email marketing pitch.


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