Data Solutions

How can you use Data to fuel your marketing?

Data is the foundation for all successful marketing. However, “Data” is a vague umbrella term, making it difficult to know exactly how it can help your business.

What kind of “Data” are we talking about? We are talking about all the Data that fuels successful marketing campaigns! Such as: Audience Data, Location-Based Data, Mailing List Data, Digital Audience Data, and more!

Digital Audiences

Data Solutions

How Can You Find Your Customers Online?

With Digital Audiences, there are endless data combinations and selections that can help you achieve the campaign results you desire. Using our inventory of data, we can find even the most unique audiences to help you connect your products or services to the customers who are ready to buy.

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Consumer Lists

Want a List of Your Customers at Home?

Advertising is a numbers game, but you can stack the odds in your favor with the most accurate Consumer Lists available.

First Direct offers multiple consumer databases representing over 235 million individuals in over 120 million households. Our offering of demographics, psychographics, financial, interests, activity’s, buying recency/frequency pattern selections are superior to any competitor in the industry today.

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Business Lists

Want a List of Potential Business Customers?

First Direct offers multiple national business database solutions representing over 27.6 million U.S. businesses, 1.2 Canadian Businesses, as well as coverage in over 120 countries worldwide.

Select by company size, annual sales, SIC/NAICS code, or from over 120 different titles and positions. We also offer selections by Decision making authority, product and purchasing power, and much more!

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New Mover

New Mover Data gives you the power know when people are going to make big purchases weeks before they actually make the purchase!

New Mover Data is Consumer Data on people who are about to or have just moved into a new home. Moves are big opportunities for purchases, such as new furniture or appliances, home services, new pharmacy or grocery store, etc.

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New Homeowners

New Homeowner Data is Consumer Data on people who just bought a new home! New Homeowners consists of approximately 1.5 million records containing the most up-to-date real property information — data that comes directly from U.S. county recorders’ offices. We can also recognize owners of newly constructed homes. New homeowners are extremely desirable because they represent a segment establishing new buying patterns and service relationships.

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New Borrowers

Looking For Customers With Money To Spend?

Who wouldn’t want that!? New Borrower Data is Consumer Data on people who recently refinanced or taken out an equity loan. Many New Borrowers are looking for additional home-related products and services to raise the value of their properties. This makes this segment perfect for marketers of all home-related products and services, including major appliances and furniture.

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Email and Phone Appends

Want To Add Email and/or Phone Numbers To An Existing List?

We know how important it is to have the right data for your campaigns and Email and Phone Appends help you get that!

Using some hardcore #nerdmagic, Email and Phone Appends comb through an existing list to add more data and clean out any bad data.

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Data Hygiene

Bad Data is No Better Than No Data!

When your business relies on direct marketing for sales and advertising, you want to be sure you have the best possible leads. But just because you had the best possible leads at one time does not mean that you can continue to rely on them. Bad or outdated data harms the sales performance of your organization ruthlessly.

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