Data hygiene

data hygiene

Transform your data into customers and gain more revenue with Data Hygiene services!


Convert your data into customers with our data hygiene services

Using marketing data to its fullest potential is a key factor in any marketing strategy. With our data hygiene services, you are guaranteed accurate lists and audiences to convert your data into customers.

Address Standardization

Address Standardization is a must-have for businesses, ensuring fewer errors and quicker delivery times through its parsing of addresses to USPS specifications. It verifies address accuracy with 5-digit zip codes, Zip+4 code numbers and carrier route coding in addition to DPV processing that validates each point of delivery or reveals any incorrect information.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

NCOA Link from the USPS delivers a valuable service to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) – one that offers accurate change of address information, helping them avoid undeliverable mail for improved response rates.

Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)

Keep your address data up-to-date with USPS’ National Change of Address file and our supplemental proprietary change-of-address records. We’ll use NCOA to identify moves that might have been missed, then process those non matches or matches without forwarding addresses against the supplemental list for additional updates. Plus, PCOA helps append any missing information like apartment numbers and corrects street number errors!

Individual Deduplication

With Individual level deduping, you can ensure that multigenerational households receive distinct mailings. This means no more sending two copies of the same mailing to mom and grandma – a smart way to make sure each recipient gets their own personal message!

Household Deduplication

Data deduplication on a household level makes it easier remove duplicates on the last names associated with each address. Whether there’s one family or two, we are able to identify and recognize all related members living in a household while still maintaining accuracy – no redundant information here!

Address Deduplication

De-duplicate your mailing list so you don’t waste any of your precious mailings. Rather than four copies to the same address – why not send one!

As a result, you don’t have to worry about wasting resources sending marketing materials multiple times to the same person or organization. Deduping your marketing list is an important step in maximizing ROI from marketing efforts.

DMA Mail Suppression

By respecting a consumer’s contact preferences, marketers can demonstrate their responsibility and avoid tarnishing their reputation. The DMA Mail Suppression File is the key to ensuring that consumers’ privacy is respected while helping save time, money and even building goodwill in return!

Deceased Suppression

This flags individuals whose passing has been acknowledged on public records

Taxes, Liens and Judgments Suppression

This identify and flag individuals who have an unpaid tax, lien or judgment against them. Due to FCRA regulations, this process must be combined with deceased and cannot be used to determine credit worthiness.

Bankruptcy Suppression

Bankruptcy Suppression identifies and flags individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. Due to FCRA regulations, the bankruptcy flags are blended with deceased suppression processing and cannot be used to determine credit worthiness.

Prison Suppression

Prison Suppression identifies and flags individuals who have been recognized on public records to be in prison. Due to FCRA regulations, the prison flags are blended with deceased suppression processing.

Underage Suppression

Underage Suppression offers you the power to significantly improve your marketing success.

Eliminate unwanted data for any contacts under 18 from ever seeing your campaigns, and also determine who should be left off of future communications.


Address standardization is the process of formatting and correcting addresses to meet postal standards, ensuring accurate and efficient mail delivery.

Individual deduplication removes duplicate records for a single person, while household deduplication removes duplicates for all members sharing the same address.

Suppression involves removing specific records, such as deceased individuals or those with bankruptcy, to improve data accuracy and reduce unnecessary marketing efforts.

NCOA updates mailing lists with new addresses when people move, ensuring accurate mail delivery and reducing undeliverable mail costs.


Aaron Johnson - Johnson & Sons Flooring
Aaron Johnson - Johnson & Sons Flooring
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Joel Buhr and his team are absolutely fantastic! We use them for our print and all our digital marketing, and I have been nothing less then amazed. He is able to continually produce results month after month....we produced $1.3 Million dollars in revenue on $83,608 of Ad spend with an average 38% profit margin!
Gus Calabrese - Conference Connect
Gus Calabrese - Conference Connect
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Joel and his team at First Direct are the best! They take today's complex marketing systems and make them easy and best of all customer friendly. Thanks for helping us! You guys rock!
Brandy Perez - Snooze Mattress Co
Brandy Perez - Snooze Mattress Co
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Can’t say enough great things about Joel and his team. They have been so patient explaining the details of marketing and working with us to get our company up and running. Their design work is always clean and professional. A huge THANK YOU from Texas!
Austin Mariglia
Austin Mariglia
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With ad costs going up it really is important that you get your message in front of the right people...First Direct made it easy to get very targeted, detailed data about the exact target market I was going after.

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