March 30, 2020

Follow Your Audience.

Wuhan on lockdown.

Wuhan based cosmetics company, Lin Qingxan has more than 300 retail stores and more than 2,000 employees. When Corona Virus hit early February, their sales plummeted by 90%. CEO Sun Laichun had helped the company weather the SARS epidemic in 2003 and knew the best way to go was to be all in on digital marketing and engagement.

On February 14th, the company launched a live stream event with more than a hundred of their shopping advisers. Reaching 60,000 people, the company was able to sell 400,000 products. They continued to use live streams to give away coupons and engage with customers. They also used WeChat and other social media platforms to engage with customers directly and help them through the sales process. They set up ways through social media to let their customers keep track of their orders.  

Lin Qingxan selling over live stream

The switch to digital was a win-win, helpful for the business and the customers. By setting up new channels and streamlining their order process, customers were able to get what the needed without having to wonder what would be available during lockdown or have to deal with irrelevant sale campaigns. Using social media to engage with your customers directly, they were able to maintain their standard of customer service and stay connected.

As a result, the company had a 200% growth increase over the previous year. So, don’t be afraid to change up your strategy or set up dedicated channels to help your customers in this new environment! Building smart, temporary solutions can have long term positive effects.