March 30, 2020

Get “Outside”

Sports, concerts, festivals, travel, and other events might be canceled, but it is business as usual in the natural world! Get “outside” and watch live streams of natural events. Here’s three awesome live streams to tune into. Including one right in our own backyard: the Sandhill Crane migration.

The Sandhill Crane migration, Gibbon, NE
Each Spring and Fall, hundreds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes pass through a small area around the Platte River here in Nebraska. As soon as the sun begins to set, around half a million birds descend on the river to sleep. Sandhill cranes are large birds and have an average wingspan of 5-7ft, making them a skilled soaring bird. You can watch the spectacle in this feed from Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary in Gibbon, Nebraska here.

Old Faithful
Yellowstone National Park is closed indefinitely due to Corona Virus. But the live stream is still running!
Watch old faithful erupt faithfully here.

Cahow Birds, Nonsense Island, Bermuda
The Cahow bird (Bermuda Petrel) is the third rarest seabird in the world, so much so they were thought to be extinct until the 1950’s when three pairs were found nesting in Bermuda. They still only come to breed in Bermuda and there are currently 130 pairs nesting there. Webcams are set up inside their underground burrows, where you can see the ridiculously fluffy chicks. Or the perfect beaches if you’re into that. Click here.