April 14, 2020

Has Customer Communication Changed?

What can you do to keep in contact with your customers now that digital communication is the only form of communication?

Be proactive. Do not make your customers have to search out information on any changes that your company may have made. Bring the information to them frees up our time as well, you don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over again.

Listen to your customers. How can you be there for them in this difficult time? Even if they aren’t in a position to buy at this moment, they will remember that you took the time to reach out and see how they were doing. Listening to customer empathetically will show them your real value.

They are busy too. Time is precious now. Being late to a Zoom meeting or spending too much time on small talk shows that you don’t value your customer’s time. Be respectful and focused so everyone can get back to their responsibilities.

Remember, building relationships with customers is key. No matter what the world around us looks like, people still need to do business.