August 4, 2021

How Purpose Drives Business Decisions

How Purpose Drives Business Decisions

This week’s episode of our podcast, BeGrowthDriven was very inspiring, and we wanted to pass some of that motivation along! This week’s guest was Maryam Essa Al Ali and the topic was all about finding your purpose, and using that purpose to guide your life. Maryam’s purpose is to help others find their purpose and live as their authentic selves. Her purpose guides not only her life as a whole but also smaller decisions that impact, business and family, etc.

What did we learn from Maryam?

What is a purpose?

A purpose is the “why.” It’s the guiding factor that impacts all of your decisions. As Maryam explains, it’s not something rational; it’s doesn’t have to be logical. It’s comes from your heart. It’s the “I want to..”

Purpose vs Mission

What’s the difference between purpose and mission? A purpose is the emotional “why” behind the decision. You mission is what you are working towards right now that helps you achieve your purpose. For example, Maryam’s purpose is to help others find their own purpose. One of her missions, on the other hand, is building her business. Building her business helps her be able to help other people. Your purpose is the driving force behind your missions.

What about goals?

You know how much we value big goals here. How do goals fit into mission and purpose? Goals are the steppingstones and physical manifestations that help you fulfill your purpose. If your purpose is to help your community, one of your goals could be to do $100,000,000 in sales. On the surface, those two things may look unrelated, but money is a way to impact other’s lives. That goal helps your purpose.

How do you find your purpose?

Maryam suggests starting by taking two minutes and writing down all of your “I am’s.” ‘I am a human, I am a daughter, I am a sister,’ and so forth. Seeing who you are can help you see what you want.

How do people approach finding their purpose?

Maryam splits people into 6 categories.

  1. The first group doesn’t care about purpose. Living by a purpose doesn’t matter to them.
  2. The second group knows that it’s possible to live a life motivated by purpose. But they don’t try and live their own life with purpose.
  3. Group three is interested in purpose. They read books or watch videos about it but in the end don’t apply anything.
  4. These are quitters. Group four starts the journey to find their purpose but lack the courage to see the journey through.   
  5. The fifth group finds their purpose but doesn’t change anything about their life once they know.
  6. This sixth group goes all in. They take the time and effort to learn about their purpose and then follow through with changes and actions.

What’s the value of living with purpose?

Living with purpose helps guide your choices. It takes away the guess work. It’s almost like a roadmap for your life!

Do you have a purpose that drives your decisions?

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