March 24, 2020

Hustle For Your Community

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery owner, Chad Butters stands in front of the distillery.
Eight Oaks Farm Distillery owner Chad Butters, in front of their production equipment.

Chad Butters owns Eight Oaks Farm Distillery in New Tripoli, PA. Over the last few weeks he has gotten frustrated at the drastically increasing prices of hand sanitizer and decided to do something about it. He’s temporarily converting his distillery into a production line for the suddenly hard-to-find alcohol-based disinfectant. the Eight Oaks team started making World Health Organization approved sanitizer in just two days.

As a distillery, Eight Oaks already had the grain on hand needed to produce ethanol. Getting the other WHO approved ingredients wasn’t as easy. Once they had the hydrogen peroxide, glycerol, and the bottles to put it in, it was a matter of figuring out the production logistics. After all the pieces were in place, they spent a morning figuring out the sanitizer recipe. And by 3pm, they had the first bottles ready to go!

For the foreseeable future, Eight Oaks is just making hand sanitizer: which they are giving away free to help the community.

“We’re trying to make sure we continue to provide a paycheck for our employees and support our community however way we can do that,” Butters said.

If you want to learn more about this amazing project or donate to support their production efforts, visit their website: