April 23, 2020

Is It Tacky To Still Be Advertising?

IS it tacky to advertise now?

As brands are pulling their “non-essential” spending, many are wondering if their advertising budget should be cut as well.  What do the customers want?

GlobalWedIndex asked internet users in March 2020 what they thought. Is it a bad idea to continue advertising as normal? The short answer: keep going. Nearly 40% said yes definatively, and only 28% said no.

Consumers don’t expect advertising to stop. However, they do expect brands to rethink their strategies. Using the campaign laid out “before” might not be such a good idea. Ignoring the pandemic or treating lightly seems insensitive. Customers want to know how your brand is handling the situation. Are you helping or hurting? Are you going to be reasonable?

Global WebIndex found that 80% of those polled thought that brands should offer more flexible payment options as well as discounts. And, 59% agreed that brands should suspend or cut down on regular services to focus on helping to produce essentials or generate other help for the community.

So, is it tacky to still be advertising? Are you trying to exploit a global crisis? The yeah. But if you just want to help your customer and employees the data says, go for it!