April 9, 2020

Keep Your Customers

In this time of economic turmoil, how can you keep the customers you already have?

First think about your customers empathetically. What are they going though right now? Why might they hesitate to buy right now? Remember, Customers usually don’t stop buying, they just postpone.

Next, keep in contact with your customers. It will help you to understand what they are going through and what they may need from you. It will also help to keep your brand in their mind and show your continued value.

Another thing you can do is shift your message. The world has changed drastically and promoting messages or campaigns from before may seem insensitive. Think about what your customers need now or what they may be worrying about and give it to them. For example, a travel agency may offer lower fares for far in the future or waive cancelation fees.

How are you going to be proactive about keeping your customers?