April 2, 2020

Let’s go digital…

As more and more of us are staying home and sheltering in place, there has been a massive usage increases in social media platforms, messaging apps, and video streaming services. For example, Nielsen reported a 61% increase in streaming these last few weeks. Not only are we spending more time on social media, streaming, and messaging, there has been a massive increase in consuming news content.  This is a great opportunity to shift your marketing dollars towards digital, especially social media content.

Here’s three quick tips:

1) Make sure your business is easily found online. As more people are online, the more likely they are to be looking for goods and services online as well. Make sure you there for your customers and potentials!

2) Be Adaptable. The world around us is changing constantly. Your business should be able to change and adapt as well. You can find new and innovative ways to reach your customers, online or IRL. It shows empathy and keeps you in their mind. Let your customers know what you are doing to adapt and how that is going to help them.

3) Help out where you can. We are going through this together. As we are stuck at home, we are scanning social media and the news for positive stories and updates. Taking this opportunity to be a force for good in your community, however you can, is way to show your customers why they should be loyal to you, without being sales-y or pitchy.