May 12, 2020

Life Inside A Chalk World

After being inspired by the #chalkyourwalk movement, mom of two, Stacy Lazzara has been making interactive sidewalk chalk pictures for her daughters.

After going a bit stir crazy, Lazzara and her 7-year-old, Ashlyn, went outside to try something creative. Lazzara says that being outside and making things, even simple chalk drawings, can be incredibly therapeutic. She also highlighted how rewarding it can be to make something with things you have on hand. So, Stacy started making chalk drawing that incorporated Ashlyn and the photos she posted on them quickly went viral.

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Rey of Sunshine. #chalkyourwalk

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The Lazzara family knows a few things about quarantine. The youngest daughter, Averie, is four years old and was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018. Because of Averie’s compromised immune system, they’ve had to quarantine or isolate in the past. Lazzara says, “Based on that experience, the most important advice I can give to parents who are feeling overwhelmed is to give yourself some grace. Some days will be great others, other incredibly messy and that’s okay!”

What creative things have you found to be therapeutic?

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Midweek hustle. #chalkyourwalk

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