New Borrower File

Looking For Customers With Money To Spend?

New Borrower

Who wouldn’t want that!? New Borrower Data connects you to people who have recently refinanced or taken out a loan.

See The Power Behind Big Data in Action!

New Borrower File

What is New Borrower Data?

New Borrower Data is Consumer Data on people who recently refinanced or taken out an equity loan. Many New Borrowers are looking for additional home-related products and services to raise the value of their properties. This makes this segment perfect for marketers of all home-related products and services, including major appliances and furniture.

How Does it Work?

New Borrower Data is sourced from public county record and assessor information, as well as the following sources: telephone directories, website directories and postings, and demographic data, surveys, questionnaires, and summarized or aggregated purchase data.

All that Data is combined to make it easy for you to market to people with an increase in buying power!

What’s Possible with New Borrower Data?

New Borrower Data represents homeowners who have recently taken advantage of their home status by completing either a refinance or an equity loan transaction. They have increased buying power – excellent list for finance institutions, investments services, Retail (especially home furnishing products – furniture, mattress, bedding, decor), home services, home appliances, home improvement companies, and Insurance agents.

The possibilities are endless…

With a little #nerdmagic you can stay one-step ahead of the market!