May 11, 2020

Operation Supplies Over Skies

16-year-old TJ Kim created a project he named “Operation SOS,” standing for “supplies over skies.” While most of his peers are focused on getting their drivers licenses, TJ has been working towards his student’s pilot certificate.

Because of Corona virus, TJ’s school has been shut down. But they have always put a big focus on community service and giving back. So, with the extra free time on his hands, TJ looked for ways to help his community. With his family’s help, he got in touch with a handful of rural hospitals in the areas surrounding his Virginia home. The hospitals told him, because of how secluded they were, they had often been overlooked when it came to restocks on much needed medical and PPE supplies. Supplies like gloves, masks, gowns, shoe covers, protective eye wear, and many other essentials.

His Dad coordinates the donation of supplies, TJ (and a flying instructor) take the Cessna to 7 rural towns to drop off the supplies. TJ’s family stays in touch with the hospitals during the week to make sure they get exactly what they need.

Although TJ is still learning to fly, he clearly understands how to make a difference!

Can you find a way to help your community?