March 24, 2020

Side Walk Chalk Museum

Daphne Sashin and her kids work on their side walk chalk art
Daphne Sashin and her kids work on their side walk chalk art

Daphne Sashin was looking for something to keep her kids busy while their family self isolates during the coronavirus outbreak. She came up with the idea of reaching out to her neighbors to invite them to make chalk drawings on their sidewalks or driveways.

Sashin emailed her neighborhood group and made a plan to finish all the drawings by Friday at noon. The sidewalk “museum” not only met the requirements for social distancing, but was also a great way for neighbors to interact!

“The idea was this would be something that would brighten everyone’s day and it would bring us together as a community, even though we can’t physically be together,” Sashin said.

More than 50 homes in their Northern California neighborhood participated in the sidewalk museum. Even people who weren’t a part of the initial email had chalk drawings. Walking around the neighborhood to look at the drawings gave people a great excuse to get outside. “It brought people together in a safe way,” she said.

Sashin hopes it becomes a community tradition and it inspires other communities as well.

Take a look at all their awesome drawings ->

I sent an email to my neighborhood listserv on Tuesday asking if anyone was interested in drawing a picture or message…

Posted by Daphne Sashin on Friday, March 20, 2020