March 24, 2020

Stay Engaged While You WFH

With everyone working from home it can be a challenge to stay focused and engaged. It is also easy to feel isolated.

More than ever we rely on quick responses from our coworkers, especially if your used to working face to face.

Being tuned into whatever live communication app your company is using, like Slack or Teams, can speed up the communication process and keep work flowing smoothly.

Being able to talk to your coworkers in real time can make the workday go faster and help you not feel alone.

Another helpful tool to incorporate into your WFH life is a webcam. If you are not used to it can take a while to get used to. Using a service like Zoom to connect to your coworkers has many advantages. It’s easy to get distracted at home and start doing other things like household chores. Having your webcam on enables you to be more present and holds you accountable. Connecting with your office can also keep you in your routine. Talking face to face can also minimize miscommunications.