7 of the Best Marketing Metrics You Should Focus On

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Most marketing metrics aren’t essential to your growth. Reaching the best goals demands measuring something specific. Which metrics do you need?

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New Direct Mail Trends Despite the Painful Postage Increase

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No one likes rising prices unless you’re the one raising them. Once again, the postage rate is increasing. Here are some new direct mail trends and insights that can keep your marketing profitable. What are the new postage rates? The First-Class Mail Forever stamp increased by 2 cents. Most other items went up 4 cents […]

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Create A Better Email Marketing Pitch: 6 Of The Best Ways

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Do your clients doubt email marketing can help them? How do you make a compelling email marketing pitch that overcomes their fears, creating a win for you and them? It’s a known fact people read fewer emails now. No wonder your clients are afraid their marketing might get buried in people’s inboxes. Does email marketing […]

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Social Media Advertising: How To Get Better Results

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Wasting ad money is too easy without custom audiences. Social media advertising without custom audiences means your targeting is likely too broad or at least not good enough. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Pinterest all allow you to build custom audiences. What are custom audiences? Use your list of customers, website visitors, […]

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eCommerce Shoppers Are Now Using Mobile – What’s The Best Way To Reach Them?

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Pandemic caution has changed the way people buy everything. As a result, more eCommerce shoppers have discovered the convenience of buying with their phones and tablets. US online retail sales will climb to a new record in 2022: $1 trillion. Yet fewer and fewer are using their desktops or laptops to make purchases. When it […]

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The Truth Behind Facebook Marketing Changes

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Toward the end of 2021, some significant Facebook marketing changes became public. They would remove some of their ad targeting options. Weeks before, Facebook changed its name to Meta. This is when they announced their new corporate focus: the metaverse. What marketing changes did they make and why? What is the metaverse? What does all […]

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Privacy Is Challenging Your Advertising Strategy

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Privacy Is Challenging Your Advertising Strategy: The New Way To Win Privacy is a new hot topic for marketers. Why? Right now, privacy is challenging your advertising strategy. Customers are demanding assurance they are respected and their personal information is safe. Pew Research surveyed Americans and found that the majority feel like their personal data […]

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Consumer Brand Journey, What’s the Best Way to Start?

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Every good brand journey starts with building awareness and interest while solving a problem and prompting action. For TV ads, you only have 30 seconds to do this. With display ads, you must accomplish this mission in a mere 2 seconds. Not only that, your audience targeting must be perfect to meet these objectives. We’re […]

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How to Use Geoframing To Make Your Marketing Successful

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What is geoframing? How is it different from geofencing and geo-targeting? Why is geoframing such an effective audience-building strategy? What is the best and easiest way to use this strategy to make your marketing successful? What Is Geoframing? We have all seen a message on our phone, asking us to allow a certain app to […]

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Important Customer Demographics You Need to Know

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Important Customer Demographics Facts To Know Have you ever offered your product or service to the wrong people, or at the wrong time? Answering the three important customer demographics questions: who, what, and when – is essential to the survival of your business. What is the best way to answer these questions? What Are Customer […]

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