How To Use A Facebook Pixel: Overcome Marketing Mistakes

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Billions of active users make Facebook a powerful advertising platform. Yet ad costs and competition are increasing. It’s easy to waste money. Here’s how to use a Facebook pixel to get more from your advertising dollars. What is a Facebook Pixel? It’s a piece of code, known as JavaScript, that you put on your website. […]

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Which is better? Creative Marketing or Data Driven Marketing?

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Which is better? Data driven marketing or creative marketing? New changes in the industry are making this debate even hotter. What’s changing and which one of these methods should you focus on? Is digital marketing losing out because of the focus on data driven marketing? There’s no doubt that data is at the very core […]

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How To Use KPI Dashboards: Make Your Marketing Spectacular!

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Dozens of details can choke the efforts of an unfocused marketer or executive. How can you keep distractions and demands on your time from derailing you? KPI dashboards can hold your existing projects on target. They can give you space for new initiatives and track your business performance. How can you use this tool to […]

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4 Marketing Strategy Key Elements You Need To Be Great

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An era is ending. Marketing products and services is no longer enough. Now consumers want more. Business survival means adding 4 new marketing strategy key elements. What are they? Marketing strategy key elements: what has changed? To understand, let’s take a glance at the common ingredients of traditional marketing: Segmentation – dividing people into groups so […]

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eCommerce Shoppers Are Now Using Mobile – What’s The Best Way To Reach Them?

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Pandemic caution has changed the way people buy everything. As a result, more eCommerce shoppers have discovered the convenience of buying with their phones and tablets. US online retail sales will climb to a new record in 2022: $1 trillion. Yet fewer and fewer are using their desktops or laptops to make purchases. When it […]

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How to Use Geoframing To Make Your Marketing Successful

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What is geoframing? How is it different from geofencing and geo-targeting? Why is geoframing such an effective audience-building strategy? What is the best and easiest way to use this strategy to make your marketing successful? What Is Geoframing? We have all seen a message on our phone, asking us to allow a certain app to […]

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3 Awesome Email Trends That Will Deliver Remarkable Results

  • In: Email Marketing

One thing is for sure, email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Email is still one of the most effective ways for brands to reach current or potential customers. And it has been around for more than 40 years. Part of the reason email is such a resilient marketing channel is that it is adaptable. Marketers have had plenty of time to innovate within the form. With recent advancements in technology and changes to data privacy laws, email marketing has gone through a wave of adaptations. Looking forward to the rest of 2022, what are going to be some Email Marketing trends?

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3 Ways Data Intelligence Can Surge Business Growth

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We have access to so much data and analytics about our audience now. With the increases in audience data, there has also been an increase in using Data Intelligence to inform business decisions. How well a business utilizes Data Intelligence, as well as all the data, insight, and analytics that encompasses, can dictate growth. How can we most effectively use Data Intelligence now to maximize business growth?

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The Greatest Hits Article – 2021

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Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?
And since this is a greatest hits edition… here are the 6 favorite Weekly Vibe articles from this year! 😜

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The Value of Organizing First Party Data in a CRM

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Looking toward a cookie-less world, the value of First Party Data has become more and more apparent. We talk about the value a lot about First Party Data a lot but don’t often talk about the logistics of actually having it. What is the best way to store and organize First Party Data? How can you collect it?

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