Pay for Reviews Online? What You Need To Know Now Before You Do.

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with reviews? Everyone wants the influence, trust and sales that come from positive endorsements. Yet many hate how long it takes to get a winning number of reviews. We’ve all heard of others paying to get more. Here’s what you need to know before you pay for reviews. Can […]

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The Value of the Social Proof Phenomenon

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The Social Proof Phenomenon is a foundation piece of how our culture buys now. Between Instagram Influencers, Yelp reviews, and 5 star Amazon products, most of us make purchase decisions on the value others see in the product. How can Social Proof and online reviews work for you?

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What Do Reviews Really Say About You

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Online reviews are a staple of our lives now. Why should you care about the reviews that your company or products are getting online? Here’s what we have found!

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