December 22, 2021

The Greatest Hits Article – 2021

Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?

After all of the upheaval of 2020, 2021 was less about change and adaptation. In 2021, many industries and companies evaluated the temporary changes made in 2020 and made large scale, permanent shifts.  

One of the more obvious and talked about changes that happened in 2021 was the permanent shift to remote and hybrid work models. In 2019, only 6% of full-time workers in the US worked primarily at home. (With an additional 19% occasionally working from home.) As of Q3 2021, that number has grown to 45% of full-time employees working remotely to some degree. According to a June 2021 Gallup poll, 37% of current fully remote workers said that they would consider leaving their job over a lack of remote option.  

We have already seen how the shift to remote or hybrid offices has impacted office technology, communication, and culture. It will be interesting to see how those changes shift and solidify in 2022.  

Another change we have seen in 2021 is the use of technology in marketing campaigns. For years, the marketing industry has been shifting toward more digital and social media focused campaigns. This year has shown the effectiveness of implementing newer available technologies, such as programmatic TV advertising and gamified focused multichannel campaigns.  

And since this is a greatest hits edition… here are the 6 favorite Weekly Vibe articles from this year! (In no particular order) 😜

Get the most out of Instagram – How?

Get the most out of Instagram – How?

(August 25th, 2021)

Instagram can be a confusing and overwhelming beast. It has its own constantly changing algorithm and culture that separates it from any other social media. Getting Instagram to work for you takes time, effort, insight, and unfortunately: intuition. What do you need to get the most out of Instagram?

Being an Instagram pro requires knowledge of 3 things: it’s culture, it’s algorithm, and your own analytics of those 2 things. Understanding the culture and the algorithm don’t do you much good if that knowledge is disconnected from your own follower and user data. 

Let’s start with it’s culture…

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6 Things You Can Do To Up Your Content Game

6 Things You Can Do To Up Your Content Game

(May 11th, 2021)

Content creation is an integral part of marketing or running a business in general now. Even if you don’t think that you are a quote-on-quote content creator, you probably do create content. Every time you post on Facebook or update Instagram, that’s content. What are some easy things you can do to up your content game?
Here’s 6 things we have found to be essential in making quality content!

#1 Know Your AudienceThe content you create for one audience can be very different from another. Understanding the WHO is helpful first step.

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The Best Social Media Platform For You

The Best Social Media Platform For You

(February 16th, 2021)

There are so. many. social media platforms available. Each have their own flavor and specialty. It can be overwhelming to figure what platforms are the best fit for you and your company.

Ideally, the answer to what platform should you use is: all of them! There are many tools and social schedulers available to make it easier to post to many accounts and platforms at once. However, even if you are able to consistently post to a wide variety of platforms, it is helpful to understand what each platform excels at. And, what each platform needs.

Let break it down:

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Please Stop Using These 4 Internet Marketing Terms Wrong

Please Stop Using These 4 Internet Marketing Terms Wrong

(June 23rd, 2021)

The internet and the marketing industry have something in common: They are full of terms and acronyms that can feel like an entirely different language. It can be super easy to misunderstand and/or misuse those terms. Here’s 4 “marketing/internet jargon” terms you are probably using wrong!

  1. Viral ≠ more views than you normally get
  2. Meme ≠ a picture with words on it. Please stop doing this
  3. Clickbait ≠ a catchy title
  4. Landing page ≠ a web page you’ve landed on

What do these words actually mean and how can you use them to communicate more effectively what you actually mean?

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5 Things To Help You Stay Productive

5 Things To Help You Stay Productive

(May 4th, 2021)

We often focus on tips and tricks to help your business, but nothing is important to your business than you! What can you do to make sure you are running at your highest capacity and stay productive?

Managing stress has been a challenge for a lot of people this year. In Asana’s Anatomy of Work 2021 study, 71% of workers said that they felt burnt out at least once in the last year. 

Unfortunately, work related stress often has to do with environment.  What can you do to create a less stress inducing work environment?

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10 reasons you need to take back your marketing

10 reasons you need to take back your marketing

(November 3rd, 2021)

Misconceptions and bad marketing experiences are common. For many businesses marketing is an afterthought. Or they are using the same channels and methods they’ve used for years. Thinking, it worked before; why wouldn’t it work now? Others have been burned in the past by marketers who sold them bogus solutions.

Here are 10 reasons you need to take back your marketing!
Starting with… 

3 common reasons people don’t trust marketers

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