April 16, 2020

Trying to WFH Home With Kids?

Are your kids messing with WFH productivity?

Working from home may be a different beast if you got kids at home with you. So, what can you do make sure you stay productive?

First make sure your employer and coworkers know that your kids are with you. That way they aren’t surprised by any interruptions and you don’t have to be worried about it.

Make a work from home station: for you and your kids. If they have schoolwork, they can do that with you, if not, letting them pretend to work with you will give them something to do that you can keep an eye on. Challenge them with “work” to do, such as drawing or painting. A website such as Typetastic can them feel a part of things as well. 

If your kids can write, have them write a short story and them illustrate it. Or write the story with them and see what pictures they come up with. You could also have them write letters to friends, family, or anyone you can think to send an encouraging note to.

Nomster Chef is great if your kids are old enough to be left alone in the kitchen for a bit. Nomster Chef has recipes designed with kid chefs in mind. See what your kids can come up with!

If you are looking for more recourses, Standuply has a ton WFH ideas to keep you and your kids sane.