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See The Power Behind Big Data in Action

What is VisitID?

VisitID allows you to target all of your website’s visitors, even the ones who didn’t fill out any forms or gave you any contact information, putting you in the driver’s seat of your marketing campaigns.

How Does it Work?

It all starts with a Targeting Pixel…

Using targeting pixel data, collected with a bit of code added to your website, we are able to identify all of your website’s visitors. We then send you a file of all your website visitors matched to potential consumers including name, address, email and other additional attributes.

Out-Ninja Your Website’s Stealthy Visitors…

What’s Possible with VisitID?

  • Create real-time audiences based on their visit to your website

  • Use the file delivered to you to run social media ads or digital display

  • Mail the consumer a postcard after their visit to your website

  • The possibilities are truly endless…

With a little #nerdmagic and “techno-babble” you can stay one-step ahead of your competitors!

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