Best Strategy To Discover: Who Is Your Who?

Don't just go off of a generic understanding of your target audience. Learn the right strategies to truly know who is your "who".
Who's Your Who And What Do They Do?

How many marketers blog about “knowing your audience? Honestly, though, it’s a lie. Understanding who your who is important, but you have to do it well in order to be successful and grow your business.

The Problem

The term “know your audience” has been tossed around so much that it’s really become meaningless. What does it actually mean to “know your audience?” Who’s your who? Because this phrase has been used so loosely, no one is paying attention to it anymore or putting it as a priority in their marketing. Why is it so important?

The Why

When you know who your audience really is, you know exactly what to say to them in your marketing in order to build the relationships necessary to go from contact to contract.

Who’s Your Who – The Important Information

While any of the data you collect about your customers or leads is valuable in some way or another, there are some key data points that you must collect in order for your marketing to be effective.

Who’s Your Who and What Do They Do?

First, let’s get to know what your audience does. Below is some important information you should know that will beneficial to your marketing later.

  • Company Name
  • Title/Role
  • Industry
  • Company Size

While this information may seem pretty basic and unimportant now, trust me – collect it now and you’ll thank us later.


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