June 1, 2020

Why Do You Need a Website?

Only 64% of small business have their own website. While the majority, it’s a smaller number than expected. Of the that left over 36%, most use social media instead of a website. Here are three reasons to have a website:

1) Having a website is like a digital business card. It tells people how you want to be perceived as. Often, your website is the first way customers interact with your brand. If you use social media instead, you are letting other people’s comments shape your brand’s narrative. Using social media can feel very impersonal because the template is the same for everyone. Also, many people turn to social media pages for customer service complaints. You don’t want potential customers to see complaints.

2) Customers often rely on a business’s website for information. Especially for local businesses, it can be the only way to know a shop hours or address. Putting the information on a website instead of a social media or directly in a browser legitimizes the information.

3) Having a website with good search-optimization can be a great way to get traffic. When people search for the service you provide, having a good website will help your website show up first. Those clicks can result in paying customers.