August 7, 2020

Work Together To WFH

There is always an adjustment period when kids going back to school. This year however, many parents are dealing with how to balance working from home and homeschooling their kids. What are some ways to help your kids with their online classes and keep up your own productivity?

  1. Have set aside work environments. Kids are basically working from home now too and having a dedicated space where they can do school may help them focus and separate school time from play time.
  2. Organize a social distant study group. Giving kids an opportunity to socialize may fill in some of what you they are missing in school. And parents can take turns watching the kids so that you can have some quiet time to focus on what you need to get done.
  3. Set up a schedule. As much as you don’t want your kids bothering you when you are working or on a zoom call, they don’t want you in theirs either. Having everyone in the family be aware of what’s going on will alleviate awkward or distracting experiences.
  4. Have them help you set up their snacks. “No more, “Mom, I’m hungry,” all day long,” says Joanne Calderwood, a columnist for Home School Enrichment Magazine and founder of “Now they get to help themselves to their own snack stash between meals or classes. Learning how to ration snack throughout the day, to last all day is quite the accomplishment.”

How is your household working together to stay productive during WFH?