How Can You Use Data To Fuel Your Marketing?

Data is the foundation of all successful marketing. However, “Data” is a vague umbrella term, making it difficult to know exactly how it can help your business. What kind of “Data” are we talking about? We are talking about all the Data the fuels successful marketing campaigns! Such as: Audience Data, Location-Based Data, Mailing List Data, Digital Audience, and more!



Insight Provides The Bridge Between Data And Execution. How?

Raw Data is great (and essential) but it doesn't do much good unless you learn from it! Applying Insight to Data gives you valuable information that creates effective Marketing Campaigns. Insight is an often overlooked step in the Marketing Process that can be the difference between you and your competition.


What’s The Best Way To Apply Data And Insight To Your Marketing?

Not every marketing channel is effective for every business, so we work hard to provide you with a custom solution that will fit your business! We execute detailed strategies to help you reach your ideal customer: at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.


Our Leadership Team

Joel Buhr

I Help Businesses Grow!

I am here to serve & empower my clients' business growth to positively impact people & communities.

Joel Buhr
Chief Data Disruptor
Audrey Buhr

I'm Here to get You
The Right List!

Without the right list, your marketing campaign may fail. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Audrey Buhr
Chief Data Architect


Provide businesses with the right information, insights & solutions to empower their growth & success.

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