Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Is Print and Mail A Bit Overwhelming?

Are you a first-time mailer or are you looking to try a new campaign type? We can assist you in selecting the right media piece to deliver your message on time with Direct Mail!

Why Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is still one of the most effective marketing channels. Since fewer brands are utilizing Direct Mail, it therefore can appear more personal to consumers. What once may have been thought of a junk mail is now appreciated. Most of us appreciate holding something physical and tactile. Who doesn’t love getting nice mail? A point thats proven by Direct Mail’s almost unmatched open rate: upwards of 78%! 

What Direct Mail Services Do We Offer?

We can help with every/any step of the Direct Mail process: from design to printing to mailing lists to shipping!

Our Print and Mail partners are the best in biz!

The Benefits of Our Mailing Services Include:

  • Virtually Unlimited Capacity
  • Improved Mail Piece Design
  • Postage Savings
  • Improved Delivery Time
  • On-Time Accurate Mailings
  • Improved Target Marketing

How can you use Direct Mail?

When used in conjunction with other channels, Direct Mail can be extremely effective. It reinforces messages in a personal way. Direct Mail can be utilized in multichannel or omnichannel campaigns. It can be used In Pixel Retargeting or Geotargeting campaigns!

The possibilities for Mail Campaigns are truly endless!

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