New Mover Data

Can You Know Someone is Going To Make A Purchase Before They Do?

New Mover

New Mover Data gives you the power know when people are going to make big purchases weeks before they actually make the purchase!

See The Power Behind Big Data in Action!

What is New Mover Data?

New Mover Data is Consumer Data on people who are about to or have just moved into a new home. Moves are big opportunities for purchases, such as new furniture or appliances, home services, new pharmacy or grocery store, etc.

How Does it Work?

New Mover Data is sourced from public county record and assessor information, as well as the following sources: telephone directories, website directories and postings, and demographic data, surveys, questionnaires, and summarized or aggregated purchase data.

All that Data is combined to make it easy for you to market to people gearing up for a move!

What’s Possible with New Mover Data?

Excellent to connect with financial institutions or investors, or insurance agents for equity lines, credit cards, or mortgage, property, life, or casualty insurance. Home services such as lawn care, pest control, water softener, house cleaning, home painting, etc. Local services like doctors, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, day cares, and other businesses that a new mover would need to utilize in their new town!

The possibilities are truly endless…

With a little #nerdmagic and “techno-babble” you can stay one-step ahead of the market!