What tasks are the best use of your time?

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It can be easy as an entrepreneur to try and wear all the hats yourself. We get that. It takes a lot of moving parts and a variety of skills to grow a business. However, there’s a lot of things that aren’t, uh, necessarily in your wheelhouse that can suck up a lot of time and effort. It’s important to know what is the most effective use of your time. Delegation or farming out tasks can free up your time so you can focus on the things you need to do to grow your business.

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How Purpose Drives Business Decisions

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This week’s episode of our podcast, BeGrowthDriven was very inspiring, and we wanted to pass some of that motivation along! This week’s guest was Maryam Essa Al Ali and the topic was all about finding your purpose, and using that purpose to guide your life! Maryam’s purpose is to help others find their purpose and live as their authentic selves. Her purpose guides not only her life as a whole but also smaller decisions that impact business and family, etc.

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