November 10, 2020

Direct Mail In Multichannel Campaigns?

Direct Mail in Multichannel

Digital marketing is worth all the hype we give it. However, many businesses are focusing exclusively on digital and forgetting about other effective channels like Direct Mail.

Since fewer brands are utilizing Direct Mail, it therefore can appear more personal to consumers. What once may have been thought of a junk mail is now appreciated. Most of us appreciate holding something physical and tactile. Who doesn’t love getting nice mail? A point that proven by Direct Mail’s almost unmatched open rate: upwards of 78%! 

When used in conjunction with other channels, Direct Mail can be extremely effective. It reinforces messages in a personal way. Here are three ways to utilize Direct Mail in your multichannel or omnichannel campaigns. 

  1. Traditional Multichannel. This type of campaign sends the same or similar messaging from the same campaign out through different channel such as digital and social ads, display ads, and direct mail. Each channel ads layers to the campaign and provided different types of touches. This boost in frequency and variety accelerates responses.
  1. Pixel Retargeting. Using pixel retargeting sends direct mail to people who have visited your website. Following up with interested consumers through a different channel can expand and reinforce messaging, making it easier them easier to sell. (Learn more about pixels here.)
  1. GeoTargeting. Direct mail is an effective way to target people based on location. it is very easy to very easy to send to people within a target area. You can combine that with display ads and other channels. (Learn more about mailing lists here.)

Direct Mail’s open rate is upwards of 78%

What ways could you incorporate direct mail into your multichannel campaigns?