Why YOU Need DOOH Advertising For Your Next Campaign

Our lives are digital. From the way we communicate and work to the way we shop and relax, everything nowadays involves some sort of technology. Advertising is no exception, which is why DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) marketing is so popular. Could you be reaping the rewards of a DOOH campaign?

What is DOOH Advertising?

Apple DOOH
Apple DOOH marketing at a train station

Digital Out-Of-Home advertising is digital media that’s used to market to people in public spaces. It takes the place of traditional out-of-home advertising, such as static billboards and banners. You’ll find DOOH just about anywhere: elevator screens, bus stops, train stations, kiosks in malls, gas pumps, and even the blood pressure machines at Walmart.

But why has DOOH so largely replaced classic out-of-home ads? Because unlike traditional displays, DOOH displays can be updated in real-time, can be interactive, and can change content based on triggers such as time of day, traffic, or even weather.

Why should YOU be using DOOH?

There are several advantages with DOOH that you just won’t get with traditional OOH. Here are just a few:

Dynamic Content: The biggest pro of DOOH is the advertiser’s ability to alter the displayed content. If you need to update the information in an ad, no problem. Digital displays can also serve different ads depending on the circumstances. For instance, a kiosk might advertise a cafe in the morning, but a steakhouse in the evening.

DOOH mall
A family engaging with a DOOH ad

Greater Engagement: Some DOOH platforms are interactive, allowing the user to play a game or quiz. One IRL example is the kiosks at the Nebraska Crossing outlet mall, which feature engaging sports-related games. These not only entertain the customers, but also subtly promote the several athletic clothing stores in the plaza.

Eco-Friendly: The prevalence of DOOH as an alternative to paper billboards means a decrease in paper and ink usage. Digital boards don’t need manually changed, which only further reduces labor and material.

Cost-Effective: Not only is that reduced labor and material good for the planet, but also for your wallet. Since digital displays are usually set up and owned by someone else, you only need to worry about the rate of your ad space.

DOOH city
You can connect DOOH with analytics and other channels

Advanced Analytics: DOOH can integrate with analytic tools, tracking the number of interactions or amount of traffic. This gives you much more room for optimization.

According to SpiceWorks author Raj Roy, “companies like Snap (owned by Snapchat) are starting to offer innovative tech to correlate individual smartphone data with public display ads.” As technology advances, the capabilities of DOOH will continue to expand.

Connecting Other Channels: Since you can easily update DOOH displays, you can coordinate with your social media and online advertising campaigns. Digital displays can also include QR codes, which viewers can scan, bringing them to a specific webpage.

What are you waiting for?

The benefits of DOOH are numerous. You could be getting better ROI than with traditional OOH due to the analytics and dynamism available with DOOH. The amount of people that pass by public displays each day makes DOOH one of the most productive channels for creating impressions. Instead of trying to bring people to where your brand is, you’re bringing your brand to where the people are. If it aligns with the goals of your next campaign, we strongly recommend giving DOOH a go.

Just think: You’re one ad placement away from your next customer.


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