How Do You Increase Email Engagement by 20%?

Email Engagement

Did you know that when you use animated GIFs within your email content, your click-through rates could increase by more than 20%?

According to, studies show that when animated GIFs are used within email messages, click-through rates increase by roughly 27% for consumers and 22% for businesses!

What is an animated GIF? You’ve probably seen plenty before. Simply put, it’s a graphic that moves.

When an email contains something other than plain text, it increases reader engagement. Animated GIFs look exciting, grab attention, and set your email apart from the others in the inbox. When all is said and done, more opens and more engagement in an email deployment means a more successful campaign and eventually increased revenue.

What are some other ways to improve your email campaigns?

Focus on your subject line. This is the most important element of any email campaign, no matter how good the copy and images are inside. If you don’t get the user to open your email, all your other stats are going to tank.

Target the right audience with your content by sending emails to segmented lists. Sending informative emails to specific people about specific topics they’re interested in will help engagement. Think about it: How likely are you to read an email that you’re not personally interested in?

Design your emails so they are responsive. Mobile-friendly emails are more important today than ever. Studies have shown that most emails are opened on a mobile device, typically a smartphone. Litmus Software reported that emails opened on mobile devices account for more than 40% of all email opens, higher than both webmail and desktop opens. This is why your emails must be designed to be responsive.

Email is such a powerful tool. It can help you get your marketing message out to almost an unlimited number of people. No matter how you are marketing to your audience, an effective campaign will speak to and engage your target audience.


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