August 14, 2020

How To: Email Marketing in 2020

Email marketing in 2020 is a very different game

Before this year, people were starting to say that email marketing was dead. Click rates on smart phones are just not as good as on desktop. However, because of lockdowns and stay at home orders, digital and email marketing became a necessity.

The tone of email marketing had to change, though. Brands that focused not on selling, but on customer service, communication, and building relationships thrived. Email became a way for customers to stay in touch with brands and keep up on what ways they could still buy from them.

How can you use email to keep your customers switch to digital? Here are three ways.

  1. Reach out to existing in store customers to remind them to shop digitally
  2. Use email to drive traffic to your app and/or use email to teach them the best ways to buy from you.
  3. Use email to highlight how easy the transition to digital shopping will be.

 Don’t forget basic email best practices! Not all the rules of customer engagement have changed.

  • – Make it easy for people to opt into your emails
  • – Use pixel data from your website
  • – Identify when consumes are looking at similar products, cookie them if possible
  • – Emphasize activate users
  • – Consider trigger campaigns that target openers
  • – Don’t fall into traditional disengagement pitfalls, i.e. 2am email deployments

What ways have noticed that email marketing has changed this year?