February 27, 2016

New Movers – Are you missing them?

  • New Homeowners spend more in the first 6 months than the average consumer spends in 3 years
  • New Movers are 5 times more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them first
  • New Homeowners spend $9,700 on items for their new home within the first 180 days
  • Total expenditures for the new mover market exceeds $150 billion annually!

New Mover data from First Direct provides you with truly the most comprehensive, multi-sourced New Mover file available! Updated daily and thoroughly validated our New Movers data is sourced from both transactional and self-reported new movers and are available with numerous selects.

With the data coming from thousands of sources and processed through dozens of quality validation steps you will receive not only the cleanest and purest new mover data. You will also capture the highest number of new movers available for your marketing program.

New Mover Popular Selects Include:

Select by Type

  • Transactional Movers
  • Self-Reported New Movers
  • Movers with Phones
  • DNC Callable Movers
Select By Distance

  • Local Movers (moves within a 15 mile radius)
  • Semi Local Movers (15-49 miles)
  • Regional Movers (50-99 miles)
  • Distance Movers (over 99 miles)